Strona główna ENGLISH Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Anna Lella – dental surgeon, periodontal specialist. President of European Regional Organization World Dentist Federation ERO-FDI, Vice-president of Warmińsko-Mazurska Medicine Chamber and Secretary Deputy of Supreme Medicine Council. NRL dental Board member. In current NRL term of office chairwoman of International Cooperation Board.


We are proud that you were elected president-elect on the ERO-FDI (European Regional Organization of World Dentist Federation – ed.) as a first woman. I think that, one should enjoy, that they appreciated you as a human and co-worker.
In point of fact I was elected as a first woman, I say more: in different pre-election’s conversations, certain colleagues from ERO were persuading me to candidate, and from the other hand they were wondering if ERO is ready to elect a woman on this position. Equally well I could choose smaller “risk” and ran for reelection on the secretary general position, keeping my position in the executive board. In Poland, although the denstist’s profession is rigidly feminized, leading positions are mostly ruled by men. As a Vice-president of Supreme Council of Medical Affairs Dentistry I also was a first woman on this position.


Do you like promotion of womanhood?
I am trying not to look at it in this way.

But they are looking on you (smile). I can safely say it as a woman.
In my opinion, holder of some position has determined tasks to do and must do them as best as they can, regardless if is it a woman or man.

You were elected a President-elect ERO-FDI, previously being a secretary in these structures. Was it certain that the choice would fall on you or was it rather a surprise?
It was not obvious. Earlier occupying secretary position is undoubtedly very helpful in running for the position of President, but does not give any electoral success guarantee. Admittedly the current ERO-FDI President – Philippe Rusca from Switzerland – was secretary before, but it is not a rule. I am really glad about results I achieved, what does not mean that it was easy. I have a big satisfaction, that my colleagues commend me this function. Not for its own sake, but because I think of this choice as a assessment of my previous entire activity. The electoral system in ERO and FDI is quite interesting, because theoretically it can happen, that the whole executive board line-up change, but previously selected President-elect is not and has one period tenure to accustom in work. I think that our system on this consideration is really interesting and force the continuation of work and mutual cooperation.

This is a career path – there is one more position ahead of you in ERO-FDI executive board – president.
Rather than the career path I would describe it the time for the work accustoming. President-elect becomes automatically a president later, there is no additional elections.

How long is the term of office?
3 years as a president-elect and 3 years as a president, therefore, cumulatively in the executive board one is for 6 years.

As a secretary you handled mainly financial and personnel issues?
Also but not only. First of all, in the duty area of secretary general ERO there is an office work organization, mail service, executive board meetings organization, plenary sessions. Earlier secretary had handled the budget as well and had served the treasurer function. Later these tasks have been separated. ERO executive board constitute 5 people – currently one of them serve organization treasurer function, previously these matters were dealt with by the secretary.