Strona główna ENGLISH Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Anna Lella – dental surgeon, periodontal specialist. President of European Regional Organization World Dentist Federation ERO-FDI, Vice-president of Warmińsko-Mazurska Medicine Chamber and Secretary Deputy of Supreme Medicine Council. NRL dental Board member. In current NRL term of office chairwoman of International Cooperation Board.


If it was not so, it would inhibited the development of science, which medicine is?
Yes, but it concurrently could – in the unethical manner – bring the medicine to the blind alley, dangerous for patients.

How can a dentist deal with occupational diseases not to catch them bodily as well as spiritually?
When it comes to the occupational diseases, it is primarily a matterof profession overload.

It means the amount of working hours?
I think so. Sometimes dentists work simply too much, so the tiredness appear, especially by adopted a forced position of body. It is possible somehow to manage that, work more ergonomically, in accordance with guidelines indicating how to work so not to ruin your body as far as possible. Despite that some physical or professions loads can meet the dentists. There is also an advise for that – one should not neglect oneself and exercise, because mainly we are talking about the most common spine diseases or other movement afflictions. The cure and preventative actions are exercises, some sport does not hurt anyone, and certainly will improve the mood of the spirit and will give greater efficiency. That is all, when it comes to physical matters.

And what about a spiritual issues?
First of all, one should like what they do. If a man likes it, is interested in it, and constantly develop professionally, in my opinion, it is the best cure for the so-called burnout. If someone gets tired at work or went to college not entirely of their own violation, beliefs, passions, then it is difficult for them to find a satisfaction at work. Then a burnout or apathy can quickly reach a man. Only the constant development, additional interest, passion or social activities can be a springboard. Doctors often participate in various actions, including charities and I think that gives them a great inner satisfaction. People who do that feel joy, elation, satisfaction. In my opinion, this is the best prevention for burnout.

In our Magazine we had the pleasure to present a doctor-photographer, doctor–painter, also a marathon runner and mountain climber. Do you believe that it does not matter whether you choose the effort or passion that reflects the soul, or is there a difference?
Everyone has to find something exclusively for himself.

Let us get back to FDI, it is an important topic for all. What, according to you, will vary FDI in 2016 in Poland from FDI congresses in other parts of the world – this year it will be in Bangkok, and next year in Poznań?
It is up to us all how it will look like (smile). I am extremely glad that we were awarded the FDI organization. Of course, earlier, before granting us the organization, took place a period of preparatory meetings, discussions, FDI staff visits who checked, e.g. how the conditions of space look like. That all took time, but then FDI Executive Board unanimously awarded us the organization. It is extremely important for us. Despite other candidates from Europe, the unanimously award organization is a great satisfaction, and simultaneously a high commitment and load. We are aware that we have to try to be as beautiful as possible. It seems to me that we need to just be ourselves and show our Polish hospitality, and then there is no other way – dentists from around the world can fall in love with Poland (laughs). We are a beautiful country, we have many wonderful spots. Many people, when they come to the FDI congress to another continent, very often use the pre- and post-congress tourist offers to also see something else – I think that here they will really have a great option. Besides that, even though we are 25 years after the system changed, in spite of everything out there, in some minds and thoughts, Poland can still associate with the “Eastern bloc”, although I explain it to everybody that we are a navel, the center of Europe, not any Eastern bloc.