Strona główna ENGLISH Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Anna Lella – dental surgeon, periodontal specialist. President of European Regional Organization World Dentist Federation ERO-FDI, Vice-president of Warmińsko-Mazurska Medicine Chamber and Secretary Deputy of Supreme Medicine Council. NRL dental Board member. In current NRL term of office chairwoman of International Cooperation Board.


It isa fact that this stereotype is still current.
Therefore, I believe that it will be a great opportunity to show everyone that Poland is a beautiful, colorful and welcoming, that we have a lot to offer, also in a culinary way, our dishes are interesting, healthy, natural. I think that everything will be organized as best as possible. Dentists invited professionals – the company Exactus and the Poznań International Fair to co-organize. All objects, which offers Poznań International Fair in its area, that I visited with the FDI Executive Board staff, make an impression, we have nothing to be ashamed of and all organizational, technical criterion, will be certainly met. There was a little concern about communication and access to Poznań, but this problem can be solved by additional connections or relatively close proximity to the airport in Berlin, from where one will be able to get to Poznań by the fast train without a problem.

And do not you think that the choice of Poland, made by the FDI Executive Board also fell due you? You are from Poland, the Poland is shown by you as developed, qualitatively good, giving a guarantee of a well done job. This is your great merit.
For sure I am doing my best to promote our country. If it succeeds, I can only be happy about that. We work as a team, supporting each other in the activities.

What will we be proud of and what issues will be presented at the FDI Congress in Poland? What areas of dentistry are best developed in Poland and the most interesting to present the members of FDI?
This topic is yet to come. Mainly professor Marzena Dominiak, who is the head of the Scientific Committee of Congress, is engaged in it. The letters were sent by herself to all universities, clinics, dental organization with an invitation to submit proposals. This gives all interested parties an opportunity to join and constitute a material, that will be further used during the program creation. The themes of each session are in some sense a little imposed, being FDI framework program. For example – there will always be something from surgery, periodontics, these sections are in the framework scheme. Poland, as the organizer, has the right to arrange the program in 25% by itself, in another 50% together with FDI; the remainder puts FDI in consultation with the local organizer. Of course in the program, there will not be only Polish lectures, our Polish participants will have the opportunity to see the presentations of lecturers from around the world, which will be a big plus of this Congress. In addition, we will have a chance to promote our names, our issues, our vision. It is hard to say which branch of dentistry is leading, I believe that all dentistry is growing up quite rapidly, a lot is going on, there are new inventions, experience or just interdisciplinary collaboration. Personally, I put up more to show the “medical” part of dentistry, interdisciplinary collaboration, but certainly it will be not one topic. For us it is important that thanks to the 1/4 fold of the program or more – because there is the portion joint – we can show our scientists with different specialties from different universities. This opportunity will certainly not be wasted. Whichever topic we would show of what happens in our country, we are not an alone island, we do what the world does, in some things we are just on the fly, but in some we lead.

What do you have on mind? You are present at many congresses, conferences, certainly you have a good reference, a comparison.
I do not think that this was only one particularly leading domain. What may a little distinguishes us is the fact that our specialization in maxillofacial surgery dentists can perform as well. In some European countries it is a specialization reserved only for doctors or there is a requirement, that only after the both medical and dental education it is possible to do a specialization in maxillofacial surgery. Sometimes dentists do extremely complicated, advanced operations in the area of the head and neck. It is something more than a traditional dentistry or – as some define – Dentistry.