Strona główna ENGLISH Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Anna Lella – dental surgeon, periodontal specialist. President of European Regional Organization World Dentist Federation ERO-FDI, Vice-president of Warmińsko-Mazurska Medicine Chamber and Secretary Deputy of Supreme Medicine Council. NRL dental Board member. In current NRL term of office chairwoman of International Cooperation Board.


Let us recall that Poland is famous for the University Hospital in Olsztyn. Does it make you happy or sad that not all the roads leading to Olsztyn have been already built?
I wish that communication in my region was better, that more people could come to us and discover, how lovely it is here . Often the access is a deterrent determinant. Soon should be opened Olsztyn-Mazury Airport in Szymany, it will give an extra opportunity to visit Mazury, not only for the Poles, but mainly for people from the other countries. Arrival to us is actually troublesome, and the region is growing up beautifully. In addition to nature, the land of a thousand lakes and forests, is building a lot of new hotels, many additional tourist attractions.

Thank you for the interview, I would like to congratulate you on strength and determination. I am pleased and proud that there is a person from Poland, which worthily represents it in the internationally area on behalf of dentists across the country. I ask you for further brilliant Polish representation and wish you a lot of success. To all those who do not believe that is possible to accomplish five functions at the same time I say, it is possible.
Even six or seven! It is only a matter of organization, and besides, I think it is even beneficial. I could not imagine serving certain functions of the Regional Chamber, the Supreme or somewhere in Europe, if I was not a practicing physician. How could I talk about the profession, if I had not really practiced it? It is essential to be first and foremost a doctor and keep contact with the patients.

Thank you for the conversation.
I also thank you for the interview.