Strona główna ENGLISH The difficult patient – the chaperoned patient

The difficult patient – the chaperoned patient


Artykuł ukazał się w Medical Maestro Magazine, Vol. 10, s./p. 1424-1426

General description
A chaperoned patient is someone who is accompanied by another person. That may be a child accompanied by their parents, a person accompanied by a friend or colleague “to give support”, a husband with his wife and vice versa, an adult with an elderly parent, or the likes of a cousin with a car who has given a lift.

Chaperoned patients may even come in the form of a family group of several people, who have scheduled appointments one after the other. They will come and depart as one. Another example includes the situation of young patients attending with their parents (see: the child patient and the teenage patient).

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It does not really matter whether the chaperone is already a patient of the practice or not, whilst in the practice they should be treated well. Why? As numerous studies have shown, those waiting in medical establishments for others are likely to become future patients themselves. However, this is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. The patient recommends the doctor/practice to the chaperone.
  2. The medical personnel and support staff have taken good care of the companion during their stay.