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Difficult Patient in Medicine


The publication contains superbly selected material which is mainly targeted at dental practitioners, dental assistants working with patients and dentistry students. Valuable solutions are given for handling difficult patients, from problems relating to finances (e.g. patients owing money for dental services) to communication (e.g. management of aggressive patients, opinion-making patients or children patients).

Winner of the Grand Prix CEDE Award.

Recommended also to medical practitioners with extensive professional experience.

  • Have you ever had an extremely demanding patient who was always dissatisfied and spoiled a good atmosphere in your office with unpleasant remarks? Have you ever treated a patient who was so scared of dental treatment that their paralyzing fear made it impossible for you to do your job?
  • Have you ever had patients who were late, who forgot to cancel their appointments or demanded to be seen without waiting, thus causing chaos and making your job harder than it needs to be?
  • Have you ever had your patience tested by an Internet-educated patient who questioned your qualifications and had objections about the treatment procedures?
  • Have you ever felt helpless and irritated when your patient failed to pay for dental services on time?
  • Have you ever been frustrated when your patient failed to show up again for their appointment without informing you?
  • Have you ever felt helpless in the face of situations caused by difficult patients?

Just imagine a beautifully furnished office, helpful and cooperative staff, and happy patients returning home with a smile on their faces?

These things are possible to achieve! Thanks to useful knowledge provided in the handbook you will be able to cope with every situation and establish a friendly and long-term relationship with EACH and EVERY patient.

Book reviews:
The publication is a well-organized compilation of rules and procedures that are necessary for the efficient running of a dental clinic. Building up good relations with patients is an essential part of the treatment process. The Author discusses this aspect in a clear and informative manner. The book is an excellent compendium of valuable practical advice for each dental practitioner. I highly recommend reading this book.
Jerzy Zbożeń, DDMThe compelling content and visual layout of the book, and the overview of scientific studies, clearly demonstrate that mutual trust between the doctor and patient is possible. Overcoming inhibitions and establishment of new habits in the doctor-patient relationship markedly improves patient treatment and, at the same time, makes the dental practice a more successful venture.
Prof. Barbara Adamowicz-Klepalska, PhD (hab.), MD

While reading this interesting and professionally authored book we discover that it is actually about the patients we treat in our dental practice! I recommend this book very strongly to everyone who has and will have contact with patients. The publication is a unique resource that has definitely filled a void in the market.
Dobrochna Zeńczak-Więckiewicz, PhD, MD

The book makes captivating reading and you are eager to learn what happens next. The Author shares her knowledge in a very practical and hands-on manner, using real-life examples. Once you start, it is hard not to devour the book at one sitting.
Jarosław Ciesielski, PhD (Math.)

The book is an excellent account of a wide variety of different patient types encountered by dentists in their daily practice. A Difficult Patient will make all dental practitioners realize what mistakes they make in their work with patients, and learn from them. What is more, the book contains valuable advice on how to create a properly working system of cooperation between the doctor and their patients.
Jakub Malinowski, PhD, MD, specialist in orthodontics