Strona główna ENGLISH Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Manager in medicine: Dental surgeon Anna Lella – President ERO-FDI

Anna Lella – dental surgeon, periodontal specialist. President of European Regional Organization World Dentist Federation ERO-FDI, Vice-president of Warmińsko-Mazurska Medicine Chamber and Secretary Deputy of Supreme Medicine Council. NRL dental Board member. In current NRL term of office chairwoman of International Cooperation Board.

FDI in Poland – Big event on the world level in Poznań

Artykuł ukazał się w Medical Maestro Magazine, Vol. 10, s./p. 1333-1480

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Magdalena Szumska: Good morning, how should we exactly refer to you? A president, chairwoman, doctor – how do you prefer?
Anna Lella: All titles are tidal, in my heart I always feel a doctor, so I think this title fit the most.

You are a dental surgeon running your own clinic on a daily basis.
Yes, I’m running my own clinic, dental practice. I have a periodontal specialization and it is my passion.

In Poland it is said that there are few periodontal specialists. In view of this do you have a lot of patients?
I am not complaining, if I can help I offer it.

How is it to execute so many functions, so many passions from different areas and furthermore running own business and family life?
I do not see any collision (smile). There is even a Polish saying, that if somebody is not able to deal with their activities, they should add one more to be better organized. The basics is not to waste your time. It is a fact that I have a lot of activities, I serve different functions, but they do not burden me. I can organize my work time in the way that I connect all this actions naturally, allotting adequate energy on each of them. I like what I am doing, I feel fulfilled and thanks to that I reconcile everything. Simultaneously I do not feel boredom or burnout. If I worked only in the clinic, maybe on the some stage I would felt overstretched, however, additional engagement in the medical council work or European FDI organization, on the one hand, is involved with the medical profession execution, on the other hand, sets a springboard from routine.

You did not move to Warsaw?
No, but I am close (smile). Today a lot of things can be dealt in the electronic way – via email or Skype. Often it occurs in the European medical organizations. There is no need to travel since it is possible in the other way to deal with current affairs.